The easy Company

The easy Company connects every field within the wine business with the goal to and purpose of creating the shortest distribution of wine between wine producers, wine distributors and consumers.

Our performances comprises primarily the following consultant products:
  • Assists wine growers, winemakers and wine merchants, agents, brokers etc. in finding partners such as wine importers and distributors, first of all in Denmark but also in other countries worldwide.
  • Arranges wine fairs for foreign wine growers not yet represented in Denmark as well as supporting and encouraging importers in Denmark to promote their wines and spirits to the consumers, wine clubs, HoReCa and larger companies.
  • Works as a consultant for professionals in wines and spirits.
  • Offers wine producers and importers the possibility to state their business and get in contact on

Upcoming wine fairs

The easy Company is currently arranging the following wine fairs in Copenhagen.
  • The Green Wine Fair - April 27th 2014
  • The New Wine Fair - May 23rd and 24th 2014
Both wine fairs are taking place at Dansk Vincenter, Byvej 55, Avedøre, DK-2650 Hvidovre (Copenhagen)

The Green Wine Fair is aiming at consumers, who are interested in organic foods. Parallel hereto The Green Wine Fair for professionals takes place in separate rooms. Look for more information about The Green Wine Fair here >>

The New Wine Fair addresses importers looking for new wineries the first day, and allows the very next day wine grower and importer the possibility together to present and sell their wines and spirits direct to the consumers. HoReCa and larger companies are invited both days. Look for more information about The New Wine Fair here >>